The Dash Media Player is a revolutionary, first of its kind, free to use media player built specifically for Drupal CMS but also works as a direct replacement for other popular media players used today! Just imagine, a media player whose content is driven by the power and flexibility of a content management system. With this player, you can truly take advantage of the best of two worlds... the incredible user interface of Flash, and the unparalleled content management of Drupal. Using these two systems together, you can quite literally have your very own Media Content Management System! As you will soon see, the Dash Media Player is a truly remarkable player geared up for the rise of Web 3.0.

With this media player, you will get...

  • YouTube Support.
  • RTMP Streaming Support
  • Remote Playlists: Allows you to have the playlist separate from the player on the page but it act as ONE player!
  • Completely Skinable
  • RSS, XML Playlist, and Single File compatible
  • High Definition Video Support ( H-264 )
  • Media Free Tagging Support
  • Complete Audio Support including MP3's
  • Works great as just an Image Viewer.
  • Written using latest Object Oriented Techniques in Actionscript 3
  • Lightweight: All these features packed into only 55kB!
  • 100% Resizable
  • Full Screen Support

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