The MediaFront project was created to revolutionize the approach to multimedia in the world of web development. For a long time, multimedia solutions required either a complicated installation with limited customization options as a free option or high licensing, setup, and support costs.

Today our users have access to a full-fledged video platform with CDN, it allows for minimal cost transfer of high-quality video content with maximum loading speed. In addition, users can store video on our platform and convert it to the desired format using our video hosting service. We are proud to supply a multimedia platform with a 100% open-source player, which will work on the most popular CMS, as well as in the standalone environment.

Not only is the project easy to use for any user (no coding knowledge or complicated module configuration required), but it's also one of the first media players of its kind to use HTML5. And the integration with the user interface makes it easy to customize it based on CSS. OSM (Open Standards Media) Player can work both in a CMS and separately on a static page. Users have the opportunity to get everything they need to install and configure the OSM player for free in a single download.

We hope you enjoy using our platform services. We will be glad to receive any feedback.

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