The MediaFront Project is setting out to revolutionize the way media is approached in the web development world. Up until now, multimedia solutions have required either a complex set up with limited customizations as a free option, or extensive fees for licensing, customizations, and support. We are proud to deliver a 100% open source multimedia platform that will work across most popular CMS as well as in a stand-alone environment. To quell any doubts about the nature of the Open Source beliefs behind this project we would like to assure you by licensing the entire project under the GNU General Product License. Not only is this project open source, and easy to use by anyone (no coding knowledge or complicated module setup required), but it is one of the first media players of its kind to use HTML5. We have also included integration with the jQuery Themeroller UI allowing for easy CSS based customization. The fact the OSM (Open Standards Media) Player is fully customizable and can operate within Drupal (other CMS support coming soon) as well as a standalone on a static page separates it from any other player available. The MediaFront project goes further than supporting the HTML5 OSM Player to support a fully Flash based player called the Dash Player. This media player has been operating as both a standalone and Drupal integrated player for some time now and is due for a major upgrade. The new Dash Player will be much simpler to use as it will be built into the MediaFront Module. As such, users will be able to download one module and get everything they need to install and operate either the Dash Player or OSM player depending on their sites needs. We hope that you enjoy this project and look forward to seeing the different applications and customizations that its users bring to the table. For more information on the specific areas of this project and to download the files to get started.

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